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Children are the building blocks, who determine and create the shape of our future; for the Nation; and Mankind. To make them capable of writing the right future, we must teach them the academic knowledge and the skills to make the right decisions, understand the human aspects, not evaluate everything on the same scale, and a lot more... To ensure that the children learn the right skills with knowledge, the must be proficient in imparting these qualities, along with the knowledge.

We have training workshops catering to various needs, to educate and empower the educators, to be proficient in teaching. Sakksham sentitizes the educators; introduces these concepts, new teaching methods, assessment techniques. Sakksham empower the educators, enables them to inspire lives.

Teaching Pedagogies

Pedagogy deals with the theory and practice of teaching and the impact it creates on student's learning. The study of teaching is Pedagogy. Auxiliary to knowledge, learning the art of teaching is imperative for teachers. The knowledge of latest teaching pedagogies used in education would enable teachers to enhance their teaching quality. The core of "Teaching Pedagogy" training programs is to equip teachers with the new trends in teaching pedagogies. Introducing new teaching pedagogies would bring about major changes in the performance of students.
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Assessment Techniques

Assessment forms an integral part of the teaching-learning process. The role of assessment is to enhance student's learning. The perfect collaboration of assessment pattern and learning outcomes leads to a successful student education. The use of varied assessment techniques authenticates the assessment of students. According to research, using various types of assessment for a particular topic shows the clear picture of the student's understanding. The training program on Assessment techniques augments using variance of assessments and the strategies to implement them in classrooms. Implementing these assessment strategies would enable teachers to understand the academic level of students.
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Enhancing Teacher Potential

Evolving technology has brought a drastic change in the world of students. This change has made it imperative for teachers to evolve and embrace the change. To understand the challenges of the current generation of students, teachers need to be updated with the current trends. This is possible by upgrading their knowledge and skills in the respective areas. Teachers in todays world need to be aware of not only their subjects but also the latest happenings around as students of today are well informed. The focal point of this training program is to provide a snapshot of methods to upgrade their skills to improve classroom teaching.
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Classroom Effectiveness

Classroom is the primary place where learning happens. Classroom environment plays an effective catalyst in the learning process. Having an effective classroom is the first step towards productive learning. Teachers have their own methodology for making the classroom effective. Institutions having a goal of academic excellence need to have some standardized strategies. This leads to uniformity and becomes the identity of the institution. The training program details out strategies that shape the institution. These help teachers in uniformly managing the classroom environment effectively. It helps students who are not required to cope with individual styles and methods.
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Classroom Management

One of the key elements in establishing a learning oriented environment is classroom management. Having a focused and organized class is beneficial for both the teachers and students. A distraction free environment is apt for students to enhance their learning and productivity. A successfully managed class is also gratifying for teachers at the end of the day. A successfully managed classroom is a result of set of rules and expectations followed by both teacher and students. Methodology of creating perfectly managed classroom is the foundation of this training program.
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Being the Subject Expert

The prerequisite of being a teacher is in-depth knowledge of the subject. Students today are highly advanced technologically and have access to a lot of information. Therefore, it is imperative for the teachers to know their subject thoroughly. The art of imparting knowledge, by making it creative and interesting, is another important aspect of teaching. These workshops are subject specific training programs, designed with techniques to make the subject teaching interesting and enjoyable for students. The core belief in program design is that every subject can be and must be taught in an intriguing method.
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