Being the Subject Expert

Teachers should be facilitators of learning, Information Facilitators, not just Information Dispensers. For a better learning and assimilation by the students, a teacher needs to incorporate various techniques to make the subject interesting and leave the students wanting to know more. The teacher should lead them onto the path of discovery to more. There is a close relation between teaching and being a subject knowledge expert. The expertise of a teacher lies in not only knowing the subject but also transacting it effectively.

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge."

-Albert Einstein

Math is cool too!!!

Math is all around us in everything we do. The subject of mathematics is greatly misunderstood and has been a scary subject for students, for years. The fact is that mathematics is not about formulas and computations. It is about processes. There is a real need to understand mathematics, use it to think, perceive and analyze problems. The role of a mathematics teacher is to ensure that students look beyond textbooks and become thinkers.

This workshop trains teachers on distinctive strategies that can be used in mathematics classroom. Teachers will be able to achieve a new understanding on methods of transacting mathematics in an interactive manner.

Innovation in Science Education

Science education cultivates student's curiosity about the world. Teaching science is more than conveying the facts or findings. It is teaching scientific way of thinking. The aim of teaching science in classroom is to augment the spirit of enquiry, creativity and objectivity. Teaching of science develops an attitude, which is a habit of thinking, feeling and acting, a mixture of curiosity and caution; curiosity leading to correct observation.

The Innovation in Science Education workshop on Inspiring Science Education is all about providing the tools to make science education more challenging, more playful and above all more imaginative and inspiring for today's students, the citizens of tomorrow's world.

Inspiring Social Science

Social science is the study of different facets of human society. Teaching of social science has always been transacting and memorization of knowledge. There is a vital need to look at teaching social science from the perspective of understanding the human world and society. The main purpose of teaching social studies should be the development of societal competency of children.

The Inspiring Social Science workshop aspires to guide teachers on helping students develop critical thinking abilities, prepare them to participate adeptly and productively as concerned citizens and enable them to address societal and global concerns with resources around them.

Art and Creativity

Since ancient times, the process of communicating one's thoughts and feeling through a creative medium is recognized as art. Through various forms of art, an artist is able to express their thoughts, feelings, emotions and ideas. Research has proven that early exposure to different forms of art; visual or performing leads to active stimulation in the brain. With the progression of technology around the world, students need to embrace the skills of creativity and innovation. These skills are the primary aim of art classes.

The workshop on Art and Creativity helps teachers to enhance the skills of creativity, freethinking and expressing their ideas. Exposure of various art forms to students encourage them to communicate freely, covey clearly with conviction and to be more creative.

Language Skills

Language is a medium of communication. The four basic skills of language are listening, speaking, reading and writing. To be fluent in any language, the students needs to master these four. Students exposed to all four basic skills of any language, tend to master it quickly and easily. A teacher needs to use a variety of strategies to enhance these four basic skills in students. Possibly, proficiency in all skills will not be the same, but a teacher must strive to attain a balance.

The workshop on Language skills emphasizes on sharpening these basic skills. The workshop format helps and guides teachers to use innovative strategies for enhancing the language skills in students. Language is the base for all types of communication. Once strengthened, students are ready to face all kinds of challenges.