Enhancing Teacher Potential

Teacher's competencies have a direct impact on student's learning. It is essential to develop teacher's competencies in learning management and to empower them, to lead reformation in learning and enhancing students learning. There is ample research to back up the fact that effective teachers are the most powerful influence of the on how the student's learn. Enhancing the potential of the teacher professionally and personally is vital for a conducive learning environment.

"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires."

- William Arthur Ward

Leadership Development

Teacher is the force that drives the educational system. A teacher has to play many roles, beyond imparting education. A teacher must be able to understand the needs of the students and be able to lead them, guide them, and mentor them to be better individual. A teacher leader is capable of performing these different roles and embraces the apt one at the right time. A teacher leaders stand out as role model for the students.

The Leadership Development workshop introduces the educator to the different roles like Learner, Mentor, Support etc. and enables them to play these roles in the classroom. It hones the leadership skills of the teachers and helps them grow professionally. Such teachers go on to become good to great teachers; are able to inpire the children better to do more and be more.

Harmonic Life

Life is not all about work. It is a tight rope for teachers to balance their life and the work environment as teaching takes up lot of time and energy. Balancing various aspects of life is important as it affects the well-being of individuals. It is all the more important for teachers as it not only affects them individually, but also their families, communities at large and all the students they interact with on day to day basis. The impact on the lives and future of the students is far more reaching than the classroom learning outcomes. Therefore, maintaining a harmony is life is essential for the teachers.

The Harmonic Life workshop lays out a path for teachers to balance various aspects of life and attain harmony. It is completely based on real life examples of teachers and principals sharing their experiences and techniques they have used to create a fulfilling life for themselves. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is not only important for health and relationships, but also to improve teachers' productivity, and ultimately performance.

Being Positive

Positive mind = Positive vibes = Positive life.
Positive attitude in mind mean looking at situations more optimistically. Positive attitude and positive communication in teachers creates more confident students. The classroom environment becomes more learning centric with a positive attitude. Positivity in teachers enables them to assist students with greater motivation to strive for excellence.

The "Being Positive" workshop creates a positive outlook in teachers. It helps them understand the power of positive thinking and makes them aware about the wonders it can do in classroom situations. The workshop gives out an understanding about how to adopt positive thinking in their lives.