Classroom Effectiveness

Effective classroom is a place where learning occurs. To be an effective teacher, one needs a lot more than knowledge of a subject. Being the subject expert does not guarantee success in teaching. To be able to impart that knowledge, one should be able to understand and connect with the children, be aware of the various teaching techniques to engage with them gainfully, keep them connected with the subject and be able to plan and teach the curriculum. An effective teacher in classrooms lays a strong foundation for student's achievement.

"In an effective classroom students should not only know what they are doing, they should also know why and how"

- Harry Wong

Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans are a vital element of the teaching and learning process. It not only helps the teacher be organized but also guides the teacher about the path that has to be taken for the particular topic or subject. Creating successful lesson plans are a mammoth task. Schools rely a lot on teachers for the creation and implementation of lesson plans. So it is mandatory for teachers to be equipped with the adequate skills to make effective lesson plans.

The "Lesson Plan" workshop discusses the importance of lesson plans and how it is beneficial to teachers. It also gives a guideline for creation of successful lesson plans. The workshop also helps out with few strategies that can be used in the classroom. When a teacher is equipped with a strategized lesson plan it becomes easy to capture the student's interest and attention.

Effective Teaching Techniques

To achieve the goal of making students learn, every teacher tries various techniques in the classroom. As the world progresses, students needs undergo a change. With the technological advancement and changing needs of students, there is a need for teachers to shift their teaching techniques. Teachers need to keep updated with changing times and keep current with technology and techniques.

The workshop on "Effective teaching techniques" exposes the teachers to more effective techniques of teaching apt for current generation. It guides teachers about latest technology and research findings from the Education World. Armed with effective teaching techniques, a teacher can create wonders in student's life.

Understanding Students

The prerequisite to make classroom teaching effective is to understand the students sitting in the classroom. A teacher that takes effort to understand the strengths, weaknesses, and interests of students would be better able to help them to be successful academically. A learner centric classrooms are the ones in which the students are the center of all activities and learning, with the teacher acting as a facilitator and guide on the side. In order to create an effective, productive, learner-centered classroom, it is imperative for the teachers not only know their students superficially, but also understand them well.

The "Understanding students" workshop highlights various strategies that will equip teachers to understand students. It sheds light on the learning styles, orientation towards learning and knowing their conflicts with self and society. Understanding students makes a better teacher student connect, which in turn facilitates learning and assimilation.

Technology & Classrooms

Technology advancement in today's world is massive. Over the years, the inclusion of technology in our daily lives has grown leaps and bounds. A student's life today is entwined with technology. Hence, it is time for schools to deploy technology in their classrooms, so students engage with the technology constructively. The use of technology has a positive impact on education. Incorporating technology in classrooms prepares students for a brighter and successful future.

The "Technology and classrooms" workshop emphasizes on the methodology of using technology in classroom for improved and effective learning. The integration of technology with classroom teaching is the major focus of this workshop. The immense use of technology in schools can revolutionize the methodology of teaching and output of students learning.

21st Century Skill Based Teaching

The change in the global economy makes it imperative that students are equipped with distinct skills like collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving or commonly known as the 21st century skills. To ensure that students are ready to face the challenges of the world, the responsibility lies with the teacher to take up these skills in classroom and enable the students.

The workshop starts with a discussion on the skills that are categorized under 21st Century skills. It then progresses on to address the need for harnessing these skills in students. To inculcate 21st century skills in students, there has to be paradigm shift in the teaching technique. Once the students are proficient in the 21st century skills, they are ready to face the challenges of the real world outside school.