Assessment Techniques

The root of the word Assessment is from the Latin word 'assidere', which means to 'sit beside'. A systematic procedure of collecting and documenting student's knowledge is the formal definition of Assessment. Assessment techniques are tools for of collecting feedback on the teaching and learning process. It helps educators shift through the process to improve the understanding of concepts as well as their ability to apply them. Assessments form an integral part of the teaching and learning process. It is imperative to understand a variety of Assessment techniques to know the depth of student's knowledge.

Assessmenet is a journey educators are meant to take with the students, side by side

- Andrew Churches

Types of Assessment

Assessment is essential to successful teaching and learning. To understand the effectiveness of teaching, teachers need to gauge students' progress in understanding what they want them to learn. Assessment is the link between teaching and learning. It is vital because without it there is no way to predict what students will actually take from their classroom education. Assessment helps teachers find out what has actually taken place in students developing understanding during a sequence of teaching and learning. There are various types of assessments which can be used as a tool for measuring the students understanding.

The workshop on Types of Assessment exposes the teachers to the various assessment techniques that are currently in practice by educationists across the globe. It also helps teachers understand the intricacies of various types of assessments so that teachers can utilize the best of the methods in their classrooms. The use of variety of assessments conveys the precise picture of a students' learning.

Assessment Tools

Assessments play a crucial role in the teaching and learning process. It is an important for teachers to understand that assessments are not synonyms of measurement. Assessment is not merely a tool to check student's learnings. It is also a means to validate the ability of a teacher to impart the learning. The outcome for both is also dependent upon the tools used for assessment. A teacher's competency lies in selecting the correct assessment methodology for the classroom.

The Assessment tools workshop is customized as per school needs for assessment. It focuses on guiding teachers for selecting and creating the accurate assessment criteria as per the needs of their classroom. An appropriate assessment tool is significant in understanding students and their level of academics.