Sakksham: Empowering Educators


"Transform learning processes for children to enable them for the 21 st century Life skills and relate the knowledge from book to real life applications."


"Empowering Educators; Enable them to guide, support and mold the children to rewrite and build the future of the nation."


  • Introduce teachers to teaching methodologies and best practices.
  • Train teachers to incorporate and teach the children using new tools and techniques.
  • Sensitize teachers so they stimulate and support children's growth in academics, personality and soft skills, emotional and intellectual levels.
  • Sakksham: Our Ideology

    The influence in the early years has long term impact. The childhood learning continues to shape the character and form of children for years to come. Training of the teachers is therefore essential to ensure that they are more than ready for this important task. For the future relies on them.

    At Sakksham, we facilitate the process of empowering the teachers with the tools and techniques that enables them to influence and inspire lives, creating an everlasting impact; mold the clay as building blocks of or the future.

    We conduct sessions and workshops for teachers in various areas such as Teaching Pedagogies, Assessment Methods, Enhancing Teacher Potential, Classroom Management, Classroom Effectiveness and Being a Subject Expert. Detail of trainings conducted can be viewed here.

    Workshops & Seminars

    The trainings are delivered as workshops and seminars conducted for the teachers. The workshops can be conducted for a homogeneous group (Teachers from the same school) to provide a similar experience to all and ensure everybody is on the same page on understands the concepts and implementing it in the classroom. Such sessions are beneficial for standardization, uniformity and simultaneous school wide implementation of practices. Heterogeneous workshops are conducted for teachers across schools and curriculums, allowing an interaction and opportunity to learn from peers as well. This also provides a platform to share and understand experiences, lessons and best practices. We conduct demonstrations and practical sessions with students in a classroom environment, followed by tips and coaching to teachers on better engagement and interaction.
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    We have standardized e-learning modules for various topics where teachers can learn some basic skills and practice these on their own. The module introduces the teachers to the theory and concepts. The teachers are encouraged to put to practice these concepts. Guidelines tips and practical help is also available to help the teachers. These modules are available online, which can be completed by the educators at any time, at their own convenience. As an added service, teachers can interact and engage in discussions with the trainers, seek professional help and guidance.
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    Continuous Engagement

    Our trainers are committed to support the teachers and engage with them on continued basis; to support them and help them implement new methods tools and techniques. If required, the trainers can engage with the participants via webinars, as a follow up and support initiative.
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    Parents Interactions

    Since parents form an important pillar in the growth and shaping of the children's future, we also engage with the parents community and sensitize them on various aspects about parenting, continuing the initiatives started by the schools. Such session are conducted by specialized trainers and child psychologists, who are experts in the field. We also seek parents support and participation in various learning activities and methods practiced at the school.
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